Comments from US Kids Golf Week

"Great location. Love the layout of the house."
"Amazing. Cannot wait to come back."
"Thank you so much for everything. This was a perfect condo for our family during the US Kids World Golf Event. It had everything that we needed."
"Excellent space and location."
"Thanks for having us!!"
"Thank you!! We will be back next year!"
"Thank you for providing us with great accommodations!"
"Thank you so much!! We all enjoyed staying in your beautiful home. We tried to leave everything as we found it. Thank you again."
"Thank you so much for another great week."
"We enjoyed our stay very much. Thank you! Air Conditioning worked great!"
"I can’t thank you enough for all your help. I am very grateful for your deep knowledge of the market in this area."

"I had the pleasure of staying at the 90 Deerwood Lane house this past weekend. I just want to thank you for a truly wonderful experience. The house was perfect for our group and made the trip—which was old friends getting together—an amazing one. We might be contacting you again next year. I will certainly refer anyone interested in staying in the Pinehurst area to you.
Jack - Fort Lauderdale, FL

"We bought our retirement house in 2008, however, it took 7 more years to retire and decided to rent it out while we worked a little longer. Debbie Putz and Village of Pinehurst Rentals and Golf found quality tenants that paid on time and took loving care of our home. Now we are in Pinehurst, living the dream, and are using Debbie and her team to rent out our 2 bedroom townhouse. She found us a great tenant in the first week! Debbie knows her market and will treat your property as her own.
Mike and Rita P.

"Village of Pinehurst Rentals and Golf is the best property management company I've had the privilege of working with. The service has always been top notch anytime we needed anything. Debbie and Beverly are caring and professional. Thank you for what you bring to this community.
Karen T.

"Thank you so much! We had a wonderful time. The house was perfect! The golfing worked out incredibly well. Thank you for arranging it all for us. We will stay again soon, hopefully!.

"Good morning, Debbie: A very interesting thing happened at the post-office about an hour ago, and I just have to tell you about it. I was waiting to get a post-office box, and the line was long because the clerk (one could tell) was very new at her job. So, I began to chat with the gentleman behind me. I mentioned how I was going to be here for 6 months, and he asked me where I was staying, etc. He then said he had lived in Pinehurst for 40 years and worked in real estate. He asked me who helped me to find my accommodations. I gave him your name. He said, "Oh, you are very lucky. Debbie Putz is one of the absolutely best agents working in the Pinehurst real estate business, and I can't say that about some others. I'm in the same kind of business she is, so I know what I am talking about."

Some pundit once said that one's local reputation is far more important than one's national reputation, so obviously you are at the top as proved by the great way you haveaccommodated my needs.

satified customer

Debbie has intangibles that you don't find every day in the real estate business; shetook the time to talk to us and understand how we use the home and find out the best approach to use the house as a rental.  We live in Ohio, and it is comforting to know that someone cares about our home when we are not in town. She lets us know what maintenance we need and has a handle on who to hire if we have a problem.  She has always been spot on and has saved us a lot of money.  I would highly recommend Debbie and her staff at Village Properties of Pinehurst to manageyour property."
Norm Bringman

"My wife and I have been extremely pleased with the management of our property in Pinehurst.  We have owned our home for nine years, and when we decided to rent our home we, were happy to have Debbie lead us in the right direction.   She came out to the house, met my wife and I to understand what we were looking for as a client.  When she toured our home she gave us good advice about what would make it more desirable as a rental.  And she was right.  We have had good success as her client.

Debbie has intangibles that you don't find every day in the real estate business; shetook the time to talk to us and understand how we use the home and find out the best approach to use the house as a rental.  We live in Ohio, and it is comforting to know that someone cares about our home when we are not in town. She lets us know what maintenance we need and has a handle on who to hire if we have a problem.  She has always been spot on and has saved us a lot of money.  I would highly recommend Debbie and her staff at Village Properties of Pinehurst to manageyour property."
Norm Bringman

We have been owners in Pinehurst since 2005, with Debbie as our Property Managerfrom day one.   Village Properties has been a long time real estate agency in town, and although my personal realtor left VP for another firm a few years ago, we elected to continue our work with VP & Debbie Putz simply because she did such a good job.   I really believe Debbie has a feel for who is best for your unit.  Since we like to use our condo a few times a year, we stay in close contact to avoid booking issues.   I guess you could say we enjoy the revenue, but don’t expect to make a living on it, and as such we are generally comfortable with the amount of time the unit is rented.   I tell you all this because I really believe that some rental companiessimply chase the dollar without regard to who is there or how your condo is cared for…    I don’t get that feeling with Debbie.  She is a very hard worker, as I witness this whenever I’m visiting her in the VP office, and see & hear what she deals with routinely.     She has helped us many times with minor repairs, knowing the right local contractors and services.   She is currently assisting us with some on-site help for a kitchen/bathroom/painting renovation we are doing, which is big because we are in Indiana and need someone we can count on in Pinehurst. 

In the end, I have felt that we are in a unique partnership with Debbbie & VP that requires us to both help each other out, and I have not been disappointed.
Rick Niersbach

This is a letter to recommend Debbie Putz and her abilities as a property manager. My wife and I have had a solid working relationship with Debbie since we purchased our condo at Pinehurst in July 2010. Debbie has been our property manager since that time and has done an excellent job managing rentals, repairs and keeping us informed of various issues that need attention. We did some renovations to our bathrooms late last year and Debbie referred us to a local builder who did a fantastic job and showed us another property she managed so we could get some ideas about the project. We are quite happy with Debbie's performance as our rental manager and look forward to continuing our relationship with her and Village of Pinehurst Rentals and Golf.
Mike and Beth Walker

I have had the fortunate experience to work closely with Debbie for the past five years. I happen to live in Chicago and own two properties in Pinehurst, NC.  Debbie manages both of these properties for me. She does an outstanding job in all aspects of the management. 

For someone like me with properties hundreds of miles away, you must have faith and confidence in your manager. I have more confidence in her than any of my other managers, some local in Chicago area some in Wisconsin. Debbie is the individual who understands that there is more than one customer, and her customerservice is outstanding. Let me give you a few examples.

I recently had some work done on one of my units; the rehab was complete and ready to be rented. We had a guest coming in on Friday and on Tuesday during her inspection, she noted that there was a roof leak that had impacted my ceiling and was leaking onto my unit. Debbie not only contacted me immediately and had photos for me to see, but she had already contacted the contractor to come and repair it prior to my guest arriving on Friday. Being hundreds of miles away and afterjust completing a rehab, one would expect that I was nervous and concerned. I was not; I knew Debbie had great working relationships with the contractors and that thework would be completed in two days and cleaned up allowing for no impact on my guest coming in on Friday. Does she go the extra mile? Yes, that same incident she easily could have sent me the contractor bill and the name of the roofer that I should contact to make the insurance claim. Instead, she assured me that she would handle the claim, the communication and make sure the unit was perfect for my guest.  That is first class customer service for both me as a customer and my guest as a customer.

Debbie continues to amaze me with her service. I often make semi outrageous requests that could easily be turned down by her, but instead I get the response, “of course we can do that” or “No problem, we will do it today” She is able to take difficult situations and calmly and professionally handle them. She is quick to respond and has never missed a request or a question. She is fiscally responsible to all of her clients and continually looks to improve the unit. Her suggestions are always thoughtful and spot on.

I have been fortunate to send some fairly important people to stay in my unit and I never think about calling them to see if the unit was clean, were the keys there, were the towels there……. The list goes on with potential worries but I have none with Debbie looking over it for me. Each of my guests have always had a smooth stay with no complaints, and believe me I have some guests who would complain!!

I do hope you consider her for your Property Manager; she will not let you down. She will treat your customers with overwhelming outstanding customer service. Sheunderstands the business side, and has great relationships with any of the contractors that we may throw at her. She is fiscally responsible and an advocate forall parties.
Kevin Most

We acquired our home in 2008 with the intention of eventually making this our permanent residence when I retire.  In the interim, we have continued to live in Charlotte and have held the house as a rental property.  

Since 2008, we have entrusted Debbie Putz with the management of this property.  It was very important to us that we have a manager who actively represents our interests by optimizing the income, and at the same time preserving the condition of the house for our eventual personal use.  As we live 100 miles away, we needed someone we could trust to be readily accessible, proactive in dealings with tenants, and effective at dealing with the many issues that can arise with a residential property.

Debbie has met and exceeded all of our expectations.  She has been the consummate professional in all of her dealings with us on financial, maintenance and other matters.   Debbie has ensured that the house has been continuously rented throughout the past five and a half years.   The feedback we have received from tenants has also been very positive, confirming to us that she fully understands and has mastered the dynamics in the relationship of tenant/owner/property manager.  More recently, we turned to Debbie to secure a tenant for the upcoming US Opens.  We were pleased (but not the least bit surprised), that Debbie located and signed a very high-quality tenant at a very strong rental amount.

I enthusiastically recommend Debbie as a highly professional, friendly and diligent property manager.  We think very highly of all the work she has done on our behalf.
David Bell

The house was wonderful!  You guys did a great job.  Easiest and most efficient rental I have ever done.  We are planning to return to Pinehurst next year.
Tony Holcombe

Thank you so much for making our US Open Rental experience perfect from beginning to end.  Your professionalism, attention to detail, patience and kindness was truly amazing.  You are the best!
Olivia & Charlie Collini

You are such a dear and I love working with you. I highly recommend you to every client I know. You do a fabulous job with rentals, and I can't think of anyone in town that I would rather work with.
Local Real Estate Broker
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